Amazon Originals Review – Cocked (2015)


(Amazon synopsis) Family is like a loaded gun. A corporate lapdog is forced to return home to Colorado to save his family’s struggling gun business, much to the horror of his liberal family, and his playboy older brother who never left. Hilarity, epic fights and meltdowns ensue in this dramedy starring Sam Trammell (True Blood), Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) and Tony-winner Brian Dennehy (Death of a Salesman). Created and executive produced by Samuel Baum (Lie to Me) and executive produced by Erwin Stoff.

Cocked a show all about guns, sounds interesting? I have to say that while it is about guns, at the same time, it’s not, allow me to explain a little, the show is more about how to market guns, which people should own guns and gun culture as a whole in the US, with that being said it doesn’t really address the issue of “should people own guns” I can kind of see why as it’s such a controversial topic, the people that say yes, do so because it’s written down that they can……though most of them are church goers and its written down that they shouldn’t kill either, but I digress.

The show is more about a family in the business of guns and their dynamic, you have the pro gun advocate Grady (Jason Lee) who is a gun genius, who’s sex crazed likes his drink and drugs a little too much and never left the family business, Then Richard who hates guns and left the family business and moved away with his family.

It’s a slow starter, I think Lee helps to ease boredom a little with his character, as for the type of show it’s hard to pinpoint I have heard dark comedy though I don’t recall laughing, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I feel there could be something there if they define what they are. They have a good character arc all around, with Richard’s family returning to his family estate, where his father and brother live, and at work where his step sister works.

Overall I think this show has something, if it’s going to avoid being too controversial then it needs to decide what it is instead, it needs a little more pace and a little more to draw a viewer in. and work more on the aspect of its biggest seller, that being the family itself and the character arcs, even Richard’s family could be of interest to the main story.

I am intrigued by gun advertising and marketing and gun fairs and how it all works, so the show has something rarely seen by “average Joe” the storylines that unfold in the pilot are interesting enough to make me want to watch some more.

Gavin Tones

Genre:comedy, drama Distributor: Amazon Originals Rating: 15 Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Cast: Sam Trammell, Jason Lee, Laura Fraser , Brian Dennehy, Dreama Walker