Turn To The ‘Bunt Side’ With A Darth Vader Toaster

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Darth-vader-toasterNow If I had the money I would have gotten this, however I couldn’t feel the force to turn to the ‘Burnt Side’ can you and but this Darth Vader toaster?

It’s amazing sometimes when your looking for certain things they suddenly appear to you like a toaster which I was in a dire need off yesterday.The toaster comes in the shape of the the Dark Sith lord’s helmet  protecting the actual machine with an added bonus that your toast will have the Star Wars logo embed on the bread!

When you look at the price of toasters these days this ain’t the cheapest coming in at $50 U.S Dollars about £38 and besides the nifty logo toast thing  we don’t how good the toaster maybe. The Darth Vader toaster is certainly one of the Star Wars hardcore fans, however if it’s functionality you want going for the more traditional shape and probably fit on you kitchen table too. Embrace the ‘Burnt Side’ and follow your destiny!