Ready To Run With Liam Neeson? Watch Run All Night Trailer Now!

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Those particular set of skills maybe no more but Liam Neeson is not giving up on the action, it’s ‘Non-Stop’ so are you ready to run with Neeson and watch the first UK trailer for Run All Night?

The film re-unites Neeson with Non-Stop director Jaume Collet-Serra and this one looks like will fill that gap of Bryan Mills fans will now  enjoy. He maybe older but Neeson can certainly kick-ass and this look like will add another meaning to like Father Like Son, lock ‘n’load.

Run All Night sees Neeson play ageing hitman Jimmy Conlon a longtime friend to mobster boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris) for 30 years. Attempting to find solace from his past sins Jimmy is pulled back into his old world when he must protect his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman) he must take on his old boss.

When it comes Liam Neeson’s recent films there always seems to be a long line of critics lining up to rip those films to shreds. Some deservedly so, however Non-Stop we loved the nonsensical fun ride and this looks will continue the momentum. This is a little more dramatic  bit more in line with A Walk Among The Tombstones with more action and it’s all based around one night means the action will be fast and divisive. One good note this is not made by Olivier Megaton and second note leave your brain at the box office enjoy the fun in the company of your favourite sweets.

Run All Night will arrive in UK&Ireland May 1st (USA April 17th) co -starring Vincent D’onofrio, Common, Holt McCallany.