Liam Is ‘Our Man’ Vs ‘Airplane’ In New Taken 3 Clips

Taken 3liam-neeson

Today it’s time to see those ‘particular set of skills’ for one last time as Taken 3 arrives in UK cinemas Bryan Mills is ‘Our Man’ and takes on an ‘Airplane’ in 2 brand New Clips.

This maybe the end for Bryan Mils but as the past few years have been going we know Liam Neeson will be involved in the action thriller genre for a few years more. But what crazy skills could Mills pull out of the rabbit hole? What about taken out a whole plane?! You thought you knew how to play chicken? Now Let Bryan teach you the proper way

In a second clips ‘He’s Our Man’ we see Detective Doltzer (Forest Whitaker) tell the troops Mills is the man there looking for, his tracked record makes his number one target…

Taken 3 sees Neeson return as Bryan Mills ex-covert who has reconciled with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen)but tragedy strikes when she is brutally murdered. To make things worse Bryan is accused of her ruthless murder and finds himself tracked by those he once worked for or with L.A.P.D., F.B.I., and C.I.A. Bryan must unleash his own brand of justice on anyone who crosses his path as he atemtpts to track down the real killers.

In a bonus video we have a short featurette called ‘Special Skills’ which has Neeson explain part of the myth behind the ‘Skills’

Unfortunately no press preview was offered so we can’t share you our excitement for this film and our hopes that Taken 3 will wipe the slate when it comes to the awful second film. What we have heard is that Bryan goes out with a bang!

Taken 3 is in UK, Irish cinemas from today 8th January.