Jennifer Aniston in new trailer for Cake

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jennifer aniston cakeOnce known for fluffy rom-coms, Jennifer Aniston has turned her hand to the more serious side of acting in her new film Cake. She has received much critical acclaim for her role in the film, and has already been nominated for some awards including Best actress at the Golden Globes. With tomorrow bringing us the Academy Award nominations, there are some that are asking if Aniston could be in with a shot at taking one home.

Cake tells the story of Claire (Aniston). A chronic pain-sufferer, she strikes up a relationship with the widower of one of her support group friends, after the wife has committed suicide, and then proceeds to be haunted by hallucinations of her.

From the trailer, the film looks to be darkly comical, with some light touches to balance out the heavy emotions. Aniston certainly seems very convincing in the role, and it will be interesting to see what might happen tomorrow.

Cake also stars Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, and Adriana Barraza. The film is release in UK cinemas on 20th February.