It’s Harry’s Game In The Spooks: The Greater Good Teaser Trailer

Kit Harington-Spooks

When it comes to TV Shows that become feature films it’s a recipe for a box office disaster however not every one has a premise with an international appeal as BBC’s Spooks ,hence today we have the first look trailer for Spooks: The Greater Good Teaser Trailer.

The long running popular BBC series is fortunate it’s main premise is all about spy warfare hence it has an international appeal even if you haven’t heard heard of the show. To American cinephiles you may know it the show under it’s name of Mi5 a show that’s seen the likes of Matthew MacFadyen, David Oyewolo and Richard Armitage all made it in Hollywood  to be known both side of the pond.

Looking at the trailer it seems business as usual for Mi5’s finest as they attempt to prevent an impending terrorist attack…

In Spooks: The Greater Good When an terrorist slips past the Mi5 radar Harry Pearce(Peter Firth) he must hunt down the missing terrorist. When Harry gets blamed for the disappearance he himself vanishes leaving former member and protege Will Holloway(Kit Harrington) to investigate why Harry was last seen jumping into the Thames. With the clocking ticking to an impending attack on London Will must pull out all the stops to to prevent the attack but will he get any help?

Outside of Games Of Thrones unfortunately Harrington  hasn’t had the best of times when it comes to lead roles, however with this one he does have solid foundation to improve his credibility. Hollywood is a cruel world but this is an UK film based on a show which has 10 seasons behind it and the original writing team Jonathan Brackley, Sam Vincent on writing duties too.

This looks intense, dramatic and doesn’t look like it’s lost any of the show’s spirit, so let it be a lesson to those TV Shows who may want to to make the transition to the big screen, do you have the world appeal to delover something exciting to be enjoyed internationally?

Spooks: The Greater Good will arrive in UK&Ireland 8th May with the support cast of Jennifer Ehle (Zero Dark Thirty), Elyes Gabel (A Most Violent Year),David Harewood (Homeland) and Tim McInnery (Notting Hill).


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