An Education Is An Incarceration In Get Hard Red Band Trailer

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When it comes to the new UK Red Band Trailer for Get Hard Incarceration is an education, Kevin Hart is your teacher and Will Ferrell gets an makeover.

Teach me how to survive in prison the way you did,” says Millionaire James King (Ferrell) to his now ‘prep teacher’ Darnell (Hart) after the Feds give James 10 years for fraud. With 30 days to get his affairs in order, Darnell must teach James the ways of the prison life before he does his time at San Quentin, there is a catch Darnell has never been to prison.

It was only the matter of time before Ferrell and Hart would do something together as for The film Get Hard maybe down to do you enjoy the humour of both actors? If you do this trailer which is a lot cruder, ruder than the trailer we saw last month. This certainly plays up on the  white rich person’s sterotype of a Black man, someone whose been a thug and done his time in jail which we know is false. This is satirical dig at those sterotypes, one that would have the P.C Brigade complaining to the Daily Express or Telegraph at their disgust.

You can see a Bag Stan (Paul Schneider) feel to it but we’ll director Ethan Cohen off as we loved Tropic Thunder, just hope Get Hard is better than Ride Along which was awful.The film stars Tip “T.I.” Harris, Alison Brie, and Craig T. Nelson, and will be released in UK,Ireland, USA 27th March.