Watch The Rather Cool ‘Final Cut 2014 ‘ Film Retrospective


This time of the year they are dime a dozen and like most years we’ll do our best to cover most some are generic others are rather cool like this one Final Cut 2014. Created by Nick Bosworth who this time every year releases his annual mash up and we have to admit this is one  you can see it has been created by someone who loves his films  with great passion. Every genre under the roof is here: Drama, action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, adventure this list is endless but when you can fit in 330 films 8 minutes it certainly deserves a look at.

The juxtaposition between some films  is fantastic especially between X-Men:Days Of Future Past into Frank covering Michael Fassbender is second to none. Unlike some of the other end of year mash ups Final Cut doesn’t  leave many out  which is good as these videos are a retrospective a video to remember the good, the bad and those we forgotten or missed are all in here.

Here’s a few words from Nick…
Another year has passed and it has been a memorable one folks. 2014 gave us many incredible films from every genre you can think of and I will once again honor the people behind them and their immense efforts by showcasing 330 films that released during the past year. I thank you all for watching and look forward to an even better 2015.