The Walking Dead Spin Off Series Casts Its First 2 Members

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After Monday night’s heart wrenching mid season finale AMC have announced it’s first two cast members for it’s spin-off companion series to The Walking Dead.

We’ve been waiting a very long time to hear anything from the currently untitled series and even at this stage after the announcement the details are still very sketchy on the whole set up. Deadline have reported that Frank Dillane (Harry Potter) Alicia Debnam Carey (Into The Storm)are the first actors to join the show and it’s believed they will play the children of the series main characters.

Set in the same timeline as the Robert Kirkman series, the companion show will be based around the struggles of a divorced couple in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. The father a teacher whilst the mother a guidance counsellor, Dillane is a recovering drug addict and Carey’s character been described as an ambitious character.

Now that the balling is officially rolling the next couple months the rumour mill will be in full effect who will play the divorced couple, and what other characters will be involved. There is no confirmed date set for the  series but reports do say AMC is aiming for a mid-late 2015 release. There will be endless questions from The Walking Dead fanbase about the show such as will this ever crossover into the main series with possible characters appearing in each series? Could Morgan whom we saw in episode 1 of Season 5 could he be the connection and setting up  things for him to move over?

It’s exciting times ahead for The Walking Dead franchise, what do you think?