Television Review – The Walking Dead “Coda” (S5, Ep8)

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This week we had The Walking Dead mid-season finale titled “Coda”. From the way this season has been building itself up, I was anticipating something big. So far we’ve had the group escape Terminus, lose Bob, find a church with a priest who still doesn’t seem completely trustworthy, and we’ve also had a cameo from Morgan. So in such a short time, a lot has happened. And that’s not even mentioning what is currently happening.

The group has finally found out where Beth is being kept, along with Carol who was knocked down by one of the rival groups cars. They have also recruited Noah who knows the rival group well as he escaped from them earlier in the season. The episode wasn’t as high paced as I was expecting but that’s not to say it wasn’t good. It’s hard to compare it with other episodes this season as they have all been good but all at different speeds. This one seemed to be building up to something and I was waiting for it to “Kick Off” as the group got closer to the building. Rick manages to get a couple of the rivals members captured so that he can walk into the building to trade them for Beth and Carol.

We also see that Glenn and the rest of his group have returned to the church after finding out that Eugene was lying about having a cure. They meet up with Michonne and Carl just in time as they were escaping the church, which is now full of walkers. They decide that now they’re together again they are going to go and help find Beth.

Now we’re back with Rick and they have made their way inside the building, Carol and Beth are in the hallway surrounded by the rival group. They propose a trade. Carol gets swapped first with one of the police officers, and then Beth goes. As she leaves Dawn (One of the main members of the rival group), Beth drives some scissors into her shoulder, forcing her to accidently shoot her gun into Beth’s head killing her instantly. Daryl reacts instantly by pointing his gun and shooting Dawn, also killing her instantly. Everyone pauses and waits for the others to make a move but no one does. Rick then offers any of the rivals to join his group. The episode ends as Glenn and Maggie arrive to the building to see Rick leaving, with Daryl carrying Beth’s dead body in his arms. Maggie falls to the ground as she realizes what has happened.

Like I said earlier, I was expecting a higher paced episode, but instead of it being all guns blazing, they decided to send us on an emotional rollercoaster, learning of Dawn’s good intentions that just go mixed up with the mad new world, ultimately leading to her and Beth’s death. It was great way to end the first half of the season for the winter break. We don’t have a cliffhanger that will drive us crazy thinking how things will go next, but we do have the thoughts of Beth dying, Maggie losing her sister and Daryl showing his true emotions after the events. It’s going to be a long wait to February for the next episode and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people speculating on where we go next… RIP Beth.

Kris Wall

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