Pacman eats San Francisco in new banners for Pixels


pacman pixels

Pixels may have only started shooting a couple of months ago, and isn’t set for release until August next year, but some cool new banners have just been released, featuring video game stars of old destroying cities around the world.

In Pixels, aliens have taken video feeds of classic arcade games to mean Earth’s declaration of war, and send down versions of  said arcade games to attack the human race. Thankfully, the American president (Kevin James) recruits his friend (Adam Sandler), a former video-game champion, and some old arcade players to help fight the good fight.

Although the combination of Kevin James and Adam Sandler doesn’t fill us with much hope for the film, we’re sure there is a lot of fun to be had with the 80s and arcade game nostalgia.

Pixels also stars Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, and Michelle Monaghan, and is set for UK release in August 2015.

You can click through all of the banners featuring the arcade bad-guys in the rather nifty little widget below.


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