Netflix Picks: 26th December

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So the big day is over, and you’re knee deep in turkey leftovers and Quality Street. Perfect time to put something on to watch! This weeks Netflix Picks have been chosen with the family in mind for the most part, seeing as the majority of us will be sandwiched between a drunk Aunty and a snoring Grandparent whilst watching these.

Wallace and Gromit – The Curse of The Were Rabbit

were rabbit wallace and gromit

It wouldn’t be Christmas without this loveable pair on our screens, with all five of Aardman’s shorts premiering over the Christmas break. The Curse of The Were Rabbit sees Wallace and Gromit’s first appearance in a feature length film and allows the action to be enjoyed over 81 minutes. No less fun for it’s extended running time, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were Rabbit is incredibly entertaining, and everyone from youngsters to oldies will enjoy.




Enchanted is Disney’s attempt at making fun of itself, and it works wonderfully. Lifting princess-to-be Amy Adams out of her animated wonderland, into downtown New York provides a fantastic contrast between the real world and the one Disney present. Enchanted sees Amy Adams perfectly cast as the wide-eyed princess, who turns every situation into a positive one. With excellent supporting turns from Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, and Timothy Spall, previous Disney nay-sayers can be found heartily enjoying this one.



What kind of public holiday would it be without Bond! Arguably the best of the Daniel Craig films, Skyfall is the spy’s 23rd outing, following Bond after a mission goes terribly wrong, he must stop a terrorist who has close links to M (Judy Dench) and is leaking the names of undercover agents from all over the world. Skyfall is beautifully shot, with Roger Deakins creating a stunning palette for the final scenes in Scotland. Exciting, smart, and effortlessly cool, Skyfall is everything you want from a Bond film.

The Seven Year Itch

seven year itch marilyn monroe

With enough pop and fizz to match the bubbly you’re drinking, The Seven Year Itch shows Marilyn Monroe in one of her most iconic roles. When his family go away for the summer, faithful husband Richard is put under pressure when a beautiful woman moves into the apartment above him. Not as good as Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (but then again, little is), The Seven Year Itch still provides a lot of laughs and has a perfectly witty script.

Toy Story 3

toy story 3Any Pixar film could have been used as a suggestion here, as they are effortless at entertaining both children and adults, but none are more so than the Toy Story films. In the third installment (there is a fourth to come), Andy is sorting through his belongings before heading off to college, and instead of placing them in the attic, accidently donates Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the rest of the gang to a day-care centre. Once there, the gang realise that play time is a bit different to what they’re used to, and make plans for a great escape. Fantastically funny, the film adds a few new characters to the mix, including Ken, voiced by Michael Keaton, who is torn between his boss, and his love for Barbie. As expected with Pixar films, the film also has a number of emotional moments that you’ll be hard-pressed not to shed a tear at.