The laughter is light in first trailer for Hyena

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Fans of British crime-dramas are in luck, as the new trailer for the heavy hitting Hyena has arrived and is as gritty as expected, whilst also showing some nice stylistic touches.   Written and directed by Gerard Johnson (Tony) the film opened the Edinburgh Film Festival way back in June, and went on to show at the Toronto Film Festival in September.  We covered the film at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and you can read our review here.

Hyena tells the story of corrupt cop Michael (Peter Ferdinando), a man who likes to appear as a good guy, when in reality he is cutting deals with the very drug-traffickers he is locking up.  Things eventually turn south for Michael when the appearance of an old colleague puts his unit’s corrupt ways under threat of exposure.

Also starring Stephen Graham (This is England , Boardwalk Empire), Neil Maskell (Kill List, Utopia) and Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations, Game of Thrones), Hyena opens in UK cinemas on 6th March.