Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hits The Heights In The Walk First Trailer

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The Walk_Joseph-gordon-levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the man on the wire as he risks his life to hit the heights in the first official UK trailer for Robert Zemeckis The Walk, 3D spin on the story of tightrope daredevil Petite Philippe.

Who is Phillippe? If you’ve seen  James Marsh’s Man On The Wire doc you’ll knows he’s the crazy artist who risked everything in the name of art by crossing between New York’s former  World Trade Centre Twin Towers on a tightrope in 1974. It maybe a story we’ve seen before but Robert Zemeckis is behind this one so no surprise The Walk is been projected as a 3D IMAX cinematic experience.

Gordon-Levitt will be the tightrope maverick with the film based around the events, the romance and the relationships Phillippe had with the people around him especially his surrogate father Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley). The absurdly ambitious ‘heist’  was to happen in 1974 we see Phillippe attempt to band together his ragtag gang that would help him pull off this dangerous stunt.

My first concern is another film promoting itself as an ‘3D IMAX Cinematic Experience’ in a time when 3D movies that have come and gone have been mostly mediocre to poor (with a few worthy exceptions). A few days a go I caught a press screening of The Hobbit:The Battle Of The Five Armies in 3D IMAX, along with the headache inducing 48FPS the 3d was bad only saved thanks to the IMAX part. You will certainly get a sense of danger and how high up Phillippe was, suggeting a clean pair of underwear with you a must or people who get nervy due to the heights maybe watch this in the more sensible 2d form.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as ever looks ever reliable here’s hoping his French accent is more authentic than Jude Law’s ‘Scottish’ accentin Black Sea . The Walk at this stage for it’s UK release with USA which is 2nd October 2015, the film co-stars James Badge Dale and Charlotte Le Bon.