Inherent Vice ‘Last Supper’ Poster Becomes Interactive In New Version

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Did you like the recent ‘Last Supper’ poster promoting the much anticipated Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent Vice? Well your going to love this as Warner Bros have released a new version of the poster, an interactive version!

Inherent Vice is based on a book written by David Pynchon novel set in the 1960’s Joaquin Phoenix plays drug loving Private investigator Doc Sportello who finds himself investigating the death of his former girlfriend.

As you can see from the poster below when you scroll along it you can click on each character and learn a little about each of them. Like any PT Anderson film he never holds back and like all his film he’ll embrace the decade as well as the culture of the era too.  As ever fantastic cast who just seem have great fun playing the array of weird & wonderful narcissistic characters.

This time of the year many film websites, bloggers, critics will be compiling their best of  lists and despite the film not arriving in UK&Ireland for another 7 weeks  Inherent Vice has made many  writers lists this side of the Atlantic too! We’re intrigued  are you or you just like us when a film has Paul Thomas Anderson directing that’s enough for you to get excited about this film? Of course as you know it will be something truly special.

If you missed the film’s official trailer catch it here…

Inherent Vice arrives in UK and Ireland on 30th January 2015 co-starring Josh Brolin and Owen Wilson; Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Benicio Del Toro; Katherine Waterston, Martin Short, Jena Malone, Eric Roberts and Joanna Newsom.