Who Is In Control In Second Michael Mann’s Blackhat UK Trailer?

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Remember kids the moment you connect you lose control and in the second UK trailer for Michael Mann‘s Blackhat ,the Son Of  Odin  must save humanity this time from the threat of cybercrime.

With recent hacking incident with Sony Pictures movies like this become more relevant and possibly a stark warning to us all that hacking should be a big worry to us all especially in regards of personal security. In the new Blackhat trailer we do get a sense that film is a more compelling and whilst our hero has a streak of arrogance to him.As cybercrime grows reality is now striking us all that every threat we may get won’t always be from a power hungry tyrants but anyone smart enough to learn coding  can be just as devastating.

Chris Hemsworth plays Nicholas Hathaway a furloughed convict who is recruited by a group of American & Chinese law enforcers to hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

Blackhat will arrive in UK cinemas from 20th February 2015 and co-stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei, Wang Leehom, Holt McCallany, Spencer Garrett, William Mapother and Archie Kao.