Celebrate Christmas In The Style Of Film Auteurs

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The Auteurs of Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone of The Peoples Movies readers we hope you day is going great, as many of you will be sitting down to a traditional Christmas feast or simply pigging out on those selection boxes. Hopefully your all settled for lazy day in maybe watching the old seasonal classics or the ‘real’ classics like Die Hard but if Christmas  mornings where created by Films great auteurs?

Thanks  No Film School chaps we have 2 funny entertaining  films called ‘The Auteurs Of Christmas’ in which the world of Christmas is created through the iconic styles of Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Werner Herzog, Quentin Tarrantino, Jean-Luc Goddard, Charlie Chaplin even David Lynch! From Slow motion scenes, classic stones tunes and Herzog style narration.

The pair of videos only last the combined total of 6 minutes, so enjoy visual styles of some of films finest directors…