Alien 3 To Gone Girl Watch David Fincher Discuss His Work To BAFTA


In 1995 Se7en inspired myself to seek a career in Graphic Design, The Graphic style used in the film where truly something special helping me get into College. The film was second feature film little known Music video come film director David Fincher as we know now the rest is history and nearly 20 years on he is one of the most exciting  film makers in the industry. This year BAFTA (the British Academy of Film and Television Arts) honoured the American filmmaker and conducted an interview with him and today we have a chance to watch part of that interview

In the 12 minutes that’s been released online thanks to BAFTAGuru David Fincher talks about his film philosophy about his films sharing his experience on Alien 3 especially. After revealing his reasons for choosing the film, he continues to candid about the studios reaction to Fight club along with his enjoyment making The Social Network.

Despite it only been a part interview with David Fincher, it’s an intriguing chat as Fincher is openly honest and the next 12 months are going to be a long time for cinephiles to wait for another film as he goes into Television. Check this 8 minute tribute video created by Hello Wizard to Fincher edited in brilliant expressive way.