‘I’m With Stupid’ Watch First Trailer For Minions Movie!


Meet one with a plan, one who is a rebel, one lovable one but who am I talking about? Meet Stuart, Kevin , Bob our favourite animated creatures The Minions and this  is their first official trailer as for me, ‘I’m with stupid’!

We’ve known for a longtime our little ‘Bottom’ joking yellow friends had a movie coming however we ad no clue what these little mites would be upto now the cat is out the bag and this new trailer does seem to cover a lot of ground. For the Minions movie we have to go back to the dawn of time our little yellow friends started life single-celled yellow organisms evolving over time serving the most despicable of masters.

As we head to the groovy 1960s London and New York 3 unlikely Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob embark on a journey to seek their new leader. Tey target the world’s first ever female super villian Scarlet Overkill(Sandra Bullock).

If your looking for slapstick the trailer does show the Minions will deliver however as our little friends don’t talk alot can they keep the momentum running for the full film? We love these little guys to bits and people will adore the origins as well as mythology. Despicable Me surprised many of us at how funny it was and even if Despicable Me 2 critically wasn’t as strong it was the one of the biggest grossing animated films of the year.Lot’s of monster blockbusters coming next year so expect many Minion-esque promos to come!

So get your Bottom jokes at the ready, fire up your fart guns as Minion movie is set to arrive in UK cinemas from 26th June 2015. The film will also co-star the voices of Jon Hamm, Katy Mixon and Jennifer Saunders.