Watch The Drop London Film Festival Sizzle Reel

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Last Saturday (11th October) saw Michael R Roskam‘s (Bullhead) The Drop got it’s UK premiere at 58th BFI London Festival with Noomi Rapace and Roskam in attendance.

The Drop stars Tom Hardy as Brooklyn bar man Bob Saginowski a ex-con come bartender whose bar is a money drop off point for local mobsters a bar owned by his cousin Marv (Gandolfini). Trying to go straight thanks to his cousin’s heavy handiness Bob finds himself stuck right in the middle off a heist gone wrong.

Based around a short story written buy Dennis LeHane the man behind great books such as Mystic River,Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island all great films in their own right.To all true film fans The Drop will bring a tear to their eyes as the film marks the last performance from the late great James Gandolfini who will sadly be missed.

Fox Searchlight have sent us this Sizzle Reel from Saturday’s premiere highlighting all the action from the red carpet.

The Drop will land in UK cinemas 14th November