Television Review – The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere ‘No Sanctuary’

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Following the season 4 finale “A” of The Walking Dead, everyone has been waiting for the new season to start to see what has happened to our group of survivors. Just in case you need a recap, season 4 ended with the group being led by gunfire into some sort of storage unit after they all found their way to Terminus. We were suggestively shown that the people there were cannibals, but never told directly, so this is something that was on peoples minds leading up to the premiere since it goes against everything that Rick and his group believe in.

There is one word that I can safely say after watching the season 5 Premiere “No Sanctuary” and that is Explosive! It was the perfect episode to start the season off on a high; especially following what I think was a slightly disappointing season 4, which was quite slow for the majority. The violence and graphic kills seem to have taken a step up too, and I know people will say we’ve had the likes of beheadings, limbs getting torn off and more, but they seem to have gone all out in this episode to make an impact that gets us instantly glued to the screen, or cowering behind a pillow for those a little squeamish.

We start the episode off with a “Then” scene where they show two characters talking in a dark room about how bad things have gotten, while we hear screams from outside. It then jumps to “Now” and Rick and the group are getting ready to attack whoever it is about to come into the unit. I don’t want to give too much away from this episode because I feel it is a must watch for any fan of the show so I won’t go into too much more detail of the goings on, but trust me when I say, it won’t disappoint. It even managed to get me to like Carol, who up until this point I have found annoying and just wanted to be killed off. The final shot of the episode goes back to another “Then” scene, showing where the characters have come from who live at Terminus, being in the same position of where Rick is, being locked up and scared for their life.

We’re reintroduced to a few new characters briefly, these being the cast that we met at the end of season 4, who already live at Terminus. We don’t really have a chance to get any sort of character development and because of this, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of them, but you never know, they could show up at some point to interact with the group.

If this episode is anything to go by, this season should be fantastic. We have a big group of characters again that we will be following on their journey to either finding a cure, or a new way to survive. I’ve spoken to someone who reads the comics for The Walking Dead and they have told me that following Terminus, it is fantastic, and I know that the show hasn’t followed the comic stories perfect but if they decide to go anywhere close to them, we’re in for a hell of a show.

Kris Wall

Genre:Drama, Horror, Thriller Channel: Fox UK Screened: 13th October 2014 (UK)Director:Greg Nicotero Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride