Television Review – The Simpsons Guy Episode


This past weekend we finally got to see the crossover episode that people have wanted for years. The Simpsons Guy has been built up over years and although we’ve had a handful of cameos of each shows characters in the other, we’ve never actually had a full-length episode. Luckily for the fans of these shows, we don’t just get the half hour episode, it’s a double feature, which helps fit so much in.

It’s a slow start to the episode, unlike the Star Wars episodes from Family Guy where they pretty much go straight into them. The episode starts off as a usual Family Guy episode, with Peter coming up with some random idea that soon leads to controversy. The family soon gets ran out of Quahog and they hit the road looking for somewhere to stay for a while until the mob dies down. Eventually they stumble upon a little town named Springfield, where the episode really starts for the fans of the shows.

From here we get introduced to character after character, which is probably one of the reasons we are getting a double episode, just so we can fit so many of the Simpsons characters in the episode. Peter soon joins up with Homer for them to go off on an adventure together, trying to find the Griffin’s stolen car, Meg links up with Lisa, as Lisa tries to help Meg find a talent, Marge and Louis spend their day together, Bart and Stewie join up as Stewie starts to idolize Bart in his mischievous ways, and finally Chris and Brian are left to walk Santa’s Little Helper, not the most glamorous job but it leads to them having a nice little sub plot.

I did enjoy the episode, but I think the episode didn’t live up to the hype. The problem I found was they tried to fit in every character they have into the episode, and although I enjoyed all the shots of the famous Springfield landmarks as the Griffin family first discover the town, they were soon forgotten about when we were given recycled joke after recycled joke, and catchphrase after catchphrase. Don’t let this put you off though because as I said, I did enjoy the episode, I just expected a lot more from it, and I do understand that they were always going to try and put in all the things that made the shows last so long into the episode, but this was their big opportunity to kick start each show again.

Nothing has been announced regarding a follow up crossover episode but they make a few jokes regarding the possibility of the Simpsons going to Quahog at some point. I hope they do go through with another episode, because they can then try to focus more on doing a good episode with a strong story than having as many cameos and recycled gags as possible.

Kris Wall

The Simpsons / Family Guy crossover Episode is set to be aired in UK sometime during The Autumn