Television Review – New Girl Season 4 Premiere

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New Girl returned with their season 4 premiere and unlike most season premieres, we didn’t really have many questions. Season 3 ended on quite a positive note. Nick and Jess had already broken up and were getting on with their lives as if they were still good friends, which I personally feel should have been the finale, but then again, maybe it worked better this way because it is a sitcom and we are supposed to laugh and enjoy it more than have the drama that causes heartbreak. We also saw Schmidt continue his pursuit of Cece, so maybe the new season will continue this?

We start this season with a wedding, and don’t worry; you haven’t missed anything, as it’s not for one of our main cast. They’ve been invited to a wedding and as the episode is titled “The Last Wedding” it is the last wedding they’ve been invited to over the summer and they make a pact to each have sex with a guest at the wedding, which Jess names the “Sex Fist”. The episode then follows them through their attempts, mainly Jess as she competes with another woman as they target the same man. After some advice, she decides its best to just be herself with him instead of trying to be someone she’s not but eventually both women decide to not give the man the option to choose.

For me this was a decent episode but in terms of a season premiere, it fell short. This could be just because we didn’t have any cliffhanger from season 3, but either way, it still could have been stronger. We aren’t really given any indication to where this season will be going since Jess and Nick are still getting along fine with each other and Schmidt probably isn’t over Cece but he has his mind set on other things at the moment. The only thing we know is Winston finally has something to do as he is enrolled in the police academy, which can only end up being hilarious, as for me, he is the funniest character.

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New Girl Season 3 is currently airing on E4 Tuesdays, Season 4 UK premiere date TBC…