Question Time For Ben Affleck In New Gone Girl TV Spot


If the world is against you it’s time to hire a good PR and in Ben Affleck‘s case, been accused of possible abduction and murder of your wife, in first TV Spot for  Gone Girl maybe a good lawyer is a big must too!

But where has Nick Dunne’s(Affleck) wife Amy(Rosamund Pike) gone when in the public eye Nick and Amy’s marriage is perfect? In Gone Girl Amy disappears on their 5th Wedding anniversary deep down everything wasn’t rosy but as Nick attempts to rally up his friends and locals their not as convinced that Nick is as innocent he makes out to be.

Amy isn’t anywhere to be seen in this extended TV Spot however she does narrate this new video and highlights her fears about her husband making him the obvious number one prime suspect. Nick’s charisma shines in this one as he dominates the proceedings, you could say fighting his corner as the world begins to conspire against him, but will someone wipe that creepy smile of his face?

I haven’t read Gillian Flynn‘s best selling novel but it seems nothing has been spoiled as none of Gone Girl‘s major plot stories are revealed. David Fincher‘s trademark, dark twists, gritty dramatic undertones are all on show so don’t expect anything to be as straightforward and that’s how we like our Fincher films served.

Gone Girl is set for a UK, Irish and U.S release of 3rd October with Tyler Perry, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, Scoot McNairy, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson, Emily Ratajkowski, and Neil Patrick Harris making up the rest of the cast.

Did you miss the last Gone Girl UK trailer 2? No need to fear, here it is…