Blu-ray Review – Mardock Scramble the Third Exhaust


The third movie follows on from the way the second left us; in Shell’s casino at a blackjack table. With Oeufcoque helping Rune her along she defeats the dealer and wins a million dollar chip containing a part of Shell’s memories. After the dealer loses this, he is immediately fired and another dealer takes his place, rigging the cards his way and making it more difficult for the team.

Coming away from this being a synopsis rather than a spoiler free review, it was a good movie, as messed up as the predecessors. This is a movie not for the faint hearted, but if you like sci-fi, violence, and characters with a truly tainted background then this is for you.

Good news for people wanting the two 09s to face off once more, yes, it happens; a final showdown.

There are few animes that leave with a satisfying ending, and Mardock Scramble is no exception, I find myself questioning whether the Third Exhaust really is going to be the last movie, or whether the ending was just disappointing.

With the dvd we get a choice between two movies to watch; theatrical or censored for those who want to shield themselves from bulk of the nudity.

The bluray dvd menu does need a little work on it: the text is small and difficult to read. The bonus features includes a hilarious blackjack battle with the cast and crew of Mardock Scramble.