DVD Review- Restless (2012)


Based on the best selling book by William Boyd, Restless is a two part BBC drama which follows the life of Sally (Charlotte Rampling) in 1970s as she tells her daughter Ruth (Michelle Dockery) about being a spy in the British Secret Service during World War II and how she’s been on the run ever since.

Through flashback in 1940s Eva,(Hayley Atwell) the name she was given as a spy explains about becoming a spy and her involvement with Lucas Romer (Rufus Sewell )who she falls for throughout her training.

Atwell once again proves that she can shine in any role that’s given to her and portrays Eva with a likeness that only she can.

Although Dockery isn’t in it much this is a very different role than that of Lady Mary Crawley that were used to seeing her as in Downton Abbey.

The flashbacks work well with the majority of the scenes happening in 1940 making the story interesting and enjoyable to watch.

By the end of the three hours, you’ll find the questions you were asking yourself throughout, answered.

Worth a watch for the amazing dialogue, storyline and acting talent alone.

Emily Pontin

Drama, Romance, TV
Metrodome Distribution
Rating: 15
DVD Release Date:
7th July 2014 (UK)
Running Time: 180 Minutes
Edward Hall
Hayley Atwell, Michelle Dockery, Rufus Sewel, Charlotte Rampton
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