DVD Review – A Long Way Down (2014)


A Long Way Down is based on the book by Nick Hornby, directed by Pascal Chaumeil and starring the likes of Pierce Bronson, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul amongst it’s cast, A Long Way Down tells the story of four strangers who meet under similar circumstance on a London rooftop of New Years Eve.

Throughout the film the audience are given a brief insight into each of the character lives and why they came to be on the rooftop on that particular evening.

Pierce  Bronson gives an excellent portrayal of Martin, a television breakfast host whose life changes dramatically after he makes a mistake. Imogen Poots is very believable as Jess, the daughter of a famous politician. Aaron Paul proves acting is what he was destined to do as the role of JJ and Toni Colette finishes off this excellent casting as Maureen.

What starts as one of those films you think may be a weepy, A Long Way Down becomes one of those heartwarming films about appreciating life.

Emily Pontin

Comedy, Romance
Lionsgate Films UK
Rating: 15
DVD Release: 28th July 2014 (UK)
Pascal Chaumeil
Pierce Bronson, Imogen Poots, Aaron Paul, Toni Colette
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