March 20, 2023

The Master Of Dark Arts aka Constantine TV Show Gets First Trailer



After the weekend’s news that NBC have commissioned TV version everyone’s favourite Master of the dark arts Constantine and now the TV Channel haven’t wasted no time in releasing the first trailer.

Based on the popular DC/Vertigo Comics title Hellblazer all about John Constantine (played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan) a chain smoking demon hunting detective who investigates all things supernatural and demonic. He’s a skilled exorcist but he has a downside, his soul is condemned to hell however it doesn’t stop him doing good for the world. When Constantine was about to leave his good ways he finds one of his oldest friends daughter  Liv (Lucy Griffiths), is been targeted by a demon and decides to hunt them down again. When they learn Liv has second sight the angels are worried and Constantine and Liv must travel the roads to find those demons that threaten our world.

As you’ll know Constantine is no stranger to the screen with 2005 cinema version with Keanu Reeves as the titular character, it wasn’t that bad a film but one that didn’t do much with the critics either. The big difference is  the character is now played by an British actor, he’s blonde once again and David S Goyer the man D.C love when bringing one of their titles alive said the series will stay closer to the roots of the comic than the film. The dark edge of the comics as well as the blunt humour of our hero are in tact things are looking very promising!

What is coming? We’ll have to wait and hope one of The UK TV Channels will pic up the rights to Constantine which will be shown in USA later this year. Descent director Neil Marshall will direct.