Gotham Is No City For Good Guys, Watch Gotham TV Trailer


Has Gotham City ever had any  good guys in the first trailer for Gotham TV the Dark Knight prequel is a city for the bad guys run the mean streets of this city.

Based around the early days of Gotham’s Police Chief  Jim Gordon , his exploits as a young detective a city without The Batman a rookie learning his trade. Ben McKenzie plays Gordon and it’s a time when a son of a certain wealthy tycoon witnesses the death of his parents.

Gotham is setting up to be a nice origins story in the backdrop of  TV Cop show gritty and very refreshing to see a new take on the Batman universe with concentration on the other characters.. We love the idea of seeing The Dark Knight’s foes get screen time in their own sometime tragic origins. In this  trailer we do get many glimpses of Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and Poison Ivy and Gordon realising  his home town is swimming in a sea of corruption. There is no sign of the Joker however there is a suggestion he may turn up as a stand up comedian in a nightclub owned by crime boss Fish Mooney.

There is no word on exactly when Gotham will be screened on UK television, however Fox have bought the rights to this ambitious series. Sean Pertwee will play Bruce Wayne’s Butler come mentor Alfred Pennyworth with Jada Pinkett Smith, Clare Foley, Camren Bicondova, Michael Symth all co-starring.