DVD Review – One Piece Collection Volume 6

One_Piece_DVDOne piece is the long running anime running from the 1999 and still going, Gol D Roger was known as the “Pirate King” the strongest and the most infamous person in the world, the capture & death of Roger brought the age of pirates after his last words, where he revealed the location of the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. Whoever finds One Pieces becomes the Pirate King.

The story follows to Luffy, a boy who ate the devil fruit; “Gum Gum Fruit” which gave him the abilities of rubber but cursed by taking his ability to swim. Luffy wants to become the Pirate King & returning a certain “treasure” to his childhood hero. He travels around the world gathering a crew & enters the Grand Line in pursuit of: One Piece.


One Piece Collection 6 follows the events of its previous collections where Luffy & his crew: Zoro, Usopp, Sanji & Nami enter the grand line. They start travelling the Grand Line by visiting a few Islands using the “Log Pose” as normal compasses are useless in the Grand Line. They first enter “Whiskey Peak” a town full of pirate lovers, where the crew enjoy themselves with the pirate lovers. Zoro & Nami enjoy in a drinking contest with the pirate lovers, while both passing out. But Zoro learns the truth of Whiskey Peak as he faked himself passing out and is ready to face 100 members of the organisation “Barque works, while everyone is asleep.
Luffy awakes and sees that Zoro has beaten up all the “nice” people that gave him meat, he engaged in battle with Zoro. While it is revealed that the princess of Alabasta Vivi is currently there and is in danger of the organisation.

In the current collection it continues with the Barque works pirates are trying to kill Vivi as she discovered the leader’s name of the organisation, is the Shibukai (Warlords) Crocodile that is “protecting” her country. Luffy and his crew quickly becomes a target of the Shibukai and Luffy agrees to drop of Vivi to her home country. While this is happening the story shifts to Coby & his struggle in the marine & is later taken under the supervision of Vice Admiral Garp.

The story then shifts back to Luffy as they arrive at the next island “Little Island” where they meet two giants & face some of the high ranking barque works men. The barque works men are so strong that Zoro decides to cut his legs so he can get out of the Wax which one of the Barque work’s men uses to subdue Zoro, Nami & Vivi. After they defeat the Barque works men they leave little garden and head towards Alabasta, but Nami becomes sick, so they need to find a Doctor.

Overall the story is going well although this is just leading up to the main story that will happen in Alabasta, though it is very action pact & funny. Also we find out that Luffy’s first big opponent will be for this arc: one of the 7 Shibukai’s, the marine pirate: Crocodile.

Score: 7/10


The artwork and animation of this box set is good but it’s not the best as its not blu ray yet so the best quality is not being used yet which it should as it has been shown how much it improves the quality of the entire series by having the animation at a higher quality which is shown in “Hunter X Hunter”. But the series is quite old so it can’t be expected to change.

Overall the quality of the artwork and animation is good but it is not absolutely outstanding where I could just watch the anime for the artwork which would be nice to do, as it increases the anime’s total performance.

Score: 7/10


The characters in this collection are brilliant, as always Luffy is cheerful and there to protect the weak, he is even ready to fight Zoro for hurting the “nice” people. Zoro was brilliant as it showed he is quite smarter than he gets credit for and as we knew very courageous as he was ready to cut his own legs. Nami was incredibly as we see more of her greedy side, though she is still a weak fighter. Usopp is still a weak fighter, but hilarious. We also get a new character Vivi, who’s caring, but yet again looks like another weak fighter to join Nami & Usopp. Sanji was given a bigger role as he hears Crocodiles voice & assists to leave the island by finding the Log Pose. Lastly Crocodile is shown as a ruthless yet unknown villain, all we know is that he is one of the 7 Shibukai & that he is currently controlling Alabasta.

Overall the characters were brilliant, there was no character I would change at the moment, though I would like to see Nami & Usopp fight and show courage, they deserve some action pact scenes.

Score: 10/10

Target Audience

The target audience for One Piece is mainly for those like action and adventure series with a balanced amount of fighting and talking. The series has a good story progression, although too many fillers, some fillers are not great but some can be better than the story that the filler is taking place in, especially when characters past are used. This series is similar to other Shounen series like: Fairy Tail, Naruto & Hunter X Hunter.


Overall I liked this collection as it showed a good story progress for the series as it showed that Luffy’s first story opponent will be Crocodile & I am looking forwards to see his ability and how Luffy will beat him, as he must be strong if the Marine made him one of the seven warlords.

Score: 8/10

Abdul Sattar

Anime, Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power
Manga Entertainment UK
DVD Release Date:
19th May 2014 (UK)
Rating: 12
Episodes: 131-156
Commentary, Textless Opening & Ending title sequences
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