September 27, 2022

Colin Firth is Kingsman:The Secret Service Watch First Trailer


Whilst disappointed we haven’t been given a chance to review X-Men: The Days Of Future Past due to powers to be at least we may some comicbook movie to look forward too (hopefully a chance to review)that could come in the shape of Matthew Vaughn‘s Kingsman: The Secret Service. There’s nothing better than a good old espionage action thriller but can Colin Firth pull it off as a action hero? watch first trailer and find out!

The Secret Service as it now possibly be re-titled as is the latest Mark Millar’s latest Creation (with Dave Gibbons) to be adapted from small pages to the big screen but can it truly match Kick-Ass even Wanted in box-office success?

The intriguing thing about Kingsman: The Secret Service is Firth’ becoming that hero but with a suave old fashioned James Bond style character with a armoury even 007 would be jealous off. The story centre’s a veteran agent ‘Uncle Jack’ (Firth) who decides to introduce the ‘family business’ to his street smart nephew Gary (Taron Egerton) under his wing. At his business Jack likes to mold young hopefuls into top secret agents which finds the pair foiling a masterplan of someone (Samuel L.Jackson) a celeb’s kidnap.

Whilst X-Men:First Class some critics left some with a  hit and miss notion, things changed on how much we appreciated Vaughn after Kick-Ass  on how well he delivered that film with unique blend violence and humour. We’ve always been fans of the director and he understands Millar’s vision, the trailer delivers that fun side as for the violent side we may just have to wait a little longer. This post was originally to post the film’s first image (above) but we know have first footage and Firth having some fun with his 007 type gadgets.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is set for a 17th October UK&Irish release date and will also star Michael Caine,Mark Strong, Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson, Tom Prior and Jordan Long.