Al Hail The Coen Brothers! Next Project Announced As Hail Caesar


Earlier this year The Coen Brothers hinted on what their next film project would be and now it’s official the next venture will be the Hollywood period piece comedy Hail Caesar.

The brothers have been mulling over the project for a longtime and now via  Deadline have confirmed they are in the thick of it setting up the film and they are keeping alot of the film’s plot close to their chests. What we do know is Hail Caesar will be a 1950’s set comedy not the originally 1920’s set film about film idol who attempts to set up a epic Ancient Rome as we first thought. Now it’s fast forward about 30 years and will be based around a Hollywood fixer Eddie Mannix who works for studios to protect their Squeaky clean image of it’s stars.

The report suggests George Clooney maybe connected to the Fixer role but that’s not clear as it seems he was down to play the lead when the film was set around the 1920’s plotline. Mannix was actually an real life person  he was at one time the Vice President of MGM plus it’s hard to decipher if the original “about the movie business and life and religion and faith,” will be kept.

The Coen Brothers aren’t known for treading back into ground they have been before and that last time was Barton Fink, if this is the case for Hail Caesar you won’t get many cinephiles complaining at that film was masterful. After the success of Inside Llewellyn Davies creating a similar type of film based around a charcter (Dave Van Ronk), a trip into Hollywood’s underbelly will certainly go down a treat.

Inside Llewellyn Davies will be release in UK and Ireland on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital download from 26th May 2014.