You Abandoned Us All! Watch New X-Men:Days Of Future Past Clips

Another day closer to X-Men:Days Of Future Past and we get our  bank holiday weekend kicked off in style with a couple of clips from the upcoming film but will they abandon us all?

This month the most ambitious storyline from the X-men universe  Days Of Future Past will see  the original team work together with the team of today for the future of not just mankind but mutant kind. In an exciting first clip we see see once friends the younger Magneto and Xavier engage in a heated discussion over a game of chess but a few familiar faces never turned upat the frustration of their former leader who unleashes his anger big style.

Yesterday another clip was unleashed online we meet Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) show off his latest gadget to find mutants and you’ll see the gadget may just work as a certain blue scaled shape shifting mutant is in the room.

In a final promo called ‘Power Piece: Wolverine‘ we get a glimpse at the task given to Logan (Hugh Jackman) to unite the two x-men teams to warn them of what’s ahead. This clip runs like Featurette however its a montage of clips that has the older Xavier explaining mutants powers as well as Logan aka Wolverine doing what he does best kick ass! But what Wolverine do we see in the clip? Just look at his claws!

You may regard these clips as a little bit of the spoiler side, but if what we see hear reflects the rest of the film we have a very tense, action packed film on our hands. It’s also good to see the great chemistry James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender had in the first film will continue in X-Men:Days Of Future Past.

X-men:Days Of Future Past is out in UK& Ireland from 22nd May 2014 and will co-star Ian Mckellan , Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry.

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