Watch New Fargo TV Featurette Explaining Differences With Film

FARGO-TV-Billy -Bob-Thornton

When it comes to Classic cult films becoming  TV show it seems you maybe standing in blasphemous sacred grounds and you’ll also wonder will they simply replicate the premise on the small screen? With Robert Rodriguez’s Dusk Til Dawn recently finding it’s way online to become a Netflix  series it’s had many bumps, focus will soon head to another cult film so0n to be tv series The Coen Brothers Fargo. The past few weeks we have been seeing short but sweet TV promos for the shows upcoming premiere on Channel 4 (Yes terrestrial tv, yay!) FX have released a short featurette explaining the differences between the film version and the TV Version.

Same place, same type of people… new stuff happens.”explains Billy Bob Thornton one of the cast for Fargo, a line that explains the difference very nicely. In the 2 minute video we can see the tone of the show will be similar as will the characters but all with their own stories,bleak and ridiculously funny . It’s perfectly fair to say no mater how much you try to explain anything  people will always tread carefully when they approach the series especially when its a cult hit…

Fargo has a film cast for TV show and they look like their taking a mini series route rather than a full blown season which seems to the logical route  and in the words of executive producer/writer Noah Hawley (Bones) ‘It’s A 10 Hour Movie’ which is good for us. It all looks promising for Fargo which is due to launch on Channel 4 sometime this year, co-starring Martin Freeman,  Allison TolmanColin HanksBob OdenkirkKate WalshAdam GoldbergOliver Platt.

Source: FX