Watch First Featurette For The Water Diviner Directed By Russell Crowe

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You could say Russell Crowe must have a thing for water after his latest film Noah is full of it, it’s of no surprise that his directorial debut The Water Diviner, has water in it well title anyway!

After several years of projects that slipped under his radar Crowe gets a project The Water Diviner and after the mixed reviews he’ll be hoping things will change with this one.

Starring Starring Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko and Jai Courtney, set in 1919, four years after the devastating Battle of Gallipoli, a father (Crowe) embarks on a journey from Australia to Turkey to discover the fate of his sons who have been reported missing in action.

Families who have had loved ones go missing or killed in action, may relate to this film and the anguish parents go through when you don’t know the whole story of your Child’s death. Whilst people try relate the film to the Mel Gibson Gallipoli film it seems The Water Diviner will focus on the search as well as the relationship the soldiers had with the locals, something rarely covered in war themed films.

Below is a 7 minute featurette narrated by Crowe himself going through the early stages of the script, to scouting to shooting the film itself, he also tell us why this was the perfect film to make his debut  with too. Entertainment One are dealing with the UK distribution of The Water Diviner and when they sent us this video they informed no UK release date has been fixed, expect sometime 2014.