Robin Williams To Be Back In Drag For Mrs Doubtfire 2?


21 years ago Mrs Doubtfire was a major hit for Chris Columbus back in 1993 , the idea of a sequel has been on the radar ever since but don’t throw out your mascara as Fox has finally got announced the sequel is in development.

With the gap been huge it was looking like this one was going to take the now ‘traditional’ re-boot route but now Fox 2000 have started the ball rolling on the long awaited sequel but can they convince Robin Williams to be Euphegenia Doubtfire once again?

It’s looking like  Fox are determined Robin Williams will be joined by Columbus too but like any story nothing is in concrete nor does the story suggest if both say no to the project , that Mrs Doubtfire 2 will go ahead. The last time the pair tried was back in 2001 when a script took 5 years to emerge for only Williams to say no sending the film back to development hell. Since 2006 it’s been quite but now it’s looking good that Williams maybe back in drag as everyone’s favourite crossdressing nanny.

If you where a kid in the 1990’s Mrs Doubtfire  would have been a classic, certainly high on the list of favourites films of that decade. Those kids that  Daniel Hillard (Williams)became the eponymous character for  will be all grown up probably be parents themselves  so would there be any need to dress up again? Will the story focus one of those kids forcing them to dress up or Daniel help a tricky situation? There is a few possibilities here but the question is, did Fox miss their chance to make a sequel and with no exact release date confirmed the gap will be even wider so why not lay this one to rest?  If Doubtfire was a real woman there is every chance she would be no longer with us!

Like the last time it all depends on the script before Williams and Columbus fully commits to the idea of a follow up film, that responsibility lies on the shoulders of Elf writer David Berenbaum.

source: The Wrap

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