Reverse Then Forward In New Locke Trailers Starring Tom Hardy


In 2 weeks Steven Knight‘s psychological drama Locke starring Tom Hardy will drive into UK cinema in a couple of weeks Lionsgate want fit in 2 final short UK trailers before the film arrives.

When it’s a popular actor driving in a car for 90 minutes  and your only other we meet is via  telephone you really need to get a little creative and below we have a TV Spot were we are teased about the film in reverse. Since we where sent this trailer the same TV Spot is played  straightforward letting you appreciate the tension and complexities our film’s main character is put under.

In Locke Hardy plays Ivan Locke whom adores his family , dream job and on the eve of an important big job which  Ivan receives one phonecall which sees him head to London put everything on the line  as his life unravels during that journey.

This is no Drive as some people have mistaken Locke to be  nor is it a action thriller, this is an psychological film and  we watch a man’s life fall apart. It’s a simple premise delivered in a nice stylish way probably thanks to Atonement/Hanna director Joe Wright onboard as executive producer. We’ve known about  Steven Knight‘s writing qualities for a long time   recently he made the jump into directing with the underrated Hummingbird now with Locke he is proving he maybe a filmmaker to watch out for in the coming years.

We caught Locke at back in February at Glasgow Film Festival, you can read our review at this link. Locke will be released in UK on 18th April co-starring Olivia Coleman, Tom Holland, Ruth Wilson, Alice Lowe, Ben Daniels (voices only).

Reverse Trailer

Forward Trailer