It’s Looking Baad For Shaun In Aardman’s Shaun The Sheep First Trailer

shaun_the_sheepWhats left for them to exploit? Film industry has gotten a little crazy on it’s ideas for new films, ones about toys, board games. The logical choice is TV Shows with record that’s pretty decent  Aardman Animation‘s Shaun The Sheep is the latest and the trailer for the feature film things are looking real bad for our little sheep.

That opening sentence may have not sounded the most positive however when it’s Britain’s premier animation studio you know what you’ll be getting will be top quality. Next year you will get that chance to admire the studio creativity and most of all it’s strong stance of keeping to traditional forms of its craft rather than splash the cash on over hyped technology.

So what’s this one all about? Shaun The Sheep is from the Oscar winning studio that brought us the Wallace And Gromit films, Chicken Run more recently Arthur Christmas. Shaun embarks on an epic adventure to save his farmer boss  when his mischief causes the farmer to be taken away from his farm. Shaun with the aide of the flock with Bitzer the Sheep dog they head to the city to find the farmer.

Don’t expect any plot to revealed here as this is merely a teaser as we have a long time before the film arrives but what this video does is a taster of the cheeky fun humour the film has store.  Shaun The Sheep looks like  it will continue the long line of great films Aardman have created.It might be a film for the real young kids but many adults know this one shares the brand of humour seen in Pingu we know it’s ageless  catering for the mummy and daddy’s too!

Shaun The Sheep arrives in UK on 20th March 2015.

Shaun The Sheep Movie_UK_Poster

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