DVD Review – Unlikely Hero (2009)


That’s one way to describe Kieran and Michelle Mulroney’s film Unlikely Hero.

Unlikely Hero tells the story of Richard(Jeff Daniels) ,a struggling writer and his wife Claire played by Lisa Kudrow who rent a house in Long Island for Richard to do his writing whilst Clare goes and works as a surgeon at the hospital. 

With her being away for weeks on end Richard forms a relationship teenage girl, Abby (Emma Stone) despite his imaginary friend, Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds) disapproval. 

The main character of Richard comes across as childlike as apposed to the adult author who writes these intelligent books for a living. 

Despite the films great casting of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Lisa Kudrow and Jeff Daniels it felt like their talents were wasted. 

The film itself came across as cheaply made and a bad portrayal of the 1991 classic Drop Dead Fred. 

This is one of those films that definitely didn’t need a rerelease. 

Emily Pontin

Comedy, Drama
Imagine Entertainment
DVD Release Date:
14th April 2014 (UK)
Kieran and Michelle Mulroney
Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds,Lisa Kudrow
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