Watch 5 Minute Montage Of 86 Best Picture Oscar Winners

When it comes to deciding who wins what at Oscars it seems to be down to an elite few who many of seem to criticize, debate when we disagree with their choices. Spare a thought these judges watch 4, 5 or even more films sometimes running times of upto 3 hours so it’s no easy game. As fans we can grab the list off imdb and take a month, year leisurely watching then sharing our views, but not everyone has that luxury of free time to watch everyone. The Final Image Films have a solution that will save you so much time you wont know what to do with yourself after it!

What we have is an 5 minute video montage which has every single one of the 86 Best Picture winners including  and staring with 12 Years A Slave. This is a nice little visual treat as we journey through each film  and how the filmmakers choose those films  and you’ll clearly see the diversity on show.

Have a look and like all fans they’ll always be the odd one you have forgotten about or at least forgotten they where the Best Oscar winning film of that year!

[source: Live For Films]