March 21, 2023

Prepared For Every Type Of Enemy Watch New Sabotage Red Band Trailer



If you ever wondered what it is like to piss off Arnold Schwarzenegger  get a load of this new red band trailer  for Sabotage Arnie is prepared for every type of enemy.

This new red band trailer we get to know more about his team this  time as well as what he must do in order to protect those he calls his family, how far would you go? In the latest red band trailer we catch a glimpse of the family man behind this cut-throat DEA task force leader. When his wife is taken, and his team is being eliminated, Schwarzenegger must get to the bottom of this mystery before it’s too late.

If your in the need for some more action packed bullet holed cinema fun check out this other new Sabotage trailer, a little more friendlier on the ear but still full of bloody goodness…

He maybe of retirement age but like any action star when time comes they want to go how fans will remember them gracefully and for Arnie it’s a gun and taking out the bad guys. Sabotage is no Oscar winner nor is it full of cheesy wisecracks just no brainer B-movie fun the only way the Austrian how to deliver and yes kids he still has the magic touch!

Sabotage is not out in the UK until 9th May but American film fans can catch the film alot sooner on 28th March, film stars Olivia Williams, Mireille Enos, Sam Worthington, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Max Martini, and Josh Holloway.


The elite team executes what appears to be a tactical raid on a cartel safe house, which in fact, turns out to be an elaborate theft operation, pre-planned by the members of the DEA squad itself. After hiding $10 million in stolen cash, the rouge agents believe their secret is safe – that is until someone begins methodically assassinating members of the team, one-by-one. As the body count rises, everyone is suspect, including members of the team itself.

source: Yahoo & EW