Is it important to share a love of the same films with your partner?  

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So he likes horrors, action thrillers and all things sci-fi, while you are all about a soppy rom-coms, cute chick-flicks and classic comedies?

What if she loves all things Cameron Diaz and fluffy, while you are all about Jason Statham and yet more ‘transporting…’

Here at we know how important it is that you and your other half like the same stuff but how important is it to enjoy the same types of films for relationship harmony?

One of my mates Jim got so fed-up with his new girlfriend’s love of Hugh Grant (and that floppy fringe) that he never thought he’d ever be more important, while another friend, let’s call her Kat, was so obsessed with Bridget Jones that she actually tried to mould her hapless dating life around her film heroine. like to think most people are middle of the road about such matters and enjoy most films, from thrillers to comedies, with even some Bollywood thrown in for good measure. Whatever gets good reviews, wins some gongs and has people talking must be worth a trip to the cinema, no?

However, we know some people are so obsessed with the cinema that it forms a large part of their identity and there are even online dating sites specifically for film lovers. Apparently talking about films helps them break the ice and find someone on their radar quicker.

Watching films together can also bring its benefits, according to recent research. A study at the University of Rochester found that couples who watch lovey-dovey movies together and then discussed them had 50 per cent lower divorce and separation rates than those who didn’t. And, even better, the researchers found that this film method was as effective as having therapy.

However, not all studies are on-board with this idea. Another Australian poll in Australia said that rom coms should be avoided because they give couples unrealistic views of relationships, with 50 per cent of those polled arguing that they ruin their ideals about relationships. One in five said it made their partners expect gifts and flowers “just because” and one in four were expected to know what their partner was thinking.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s important to have someone with the same taste in films to you?