Bauer Is Unpredictable In New 24 Live Another Day Trailer

24  LIVE ANOTHER DAY Kiefer Sutherland

After 8 seasons you would think people know by now that Jack Bauer is unpredictable but do we care? No! Do we want to hear those infamous 2 fatal words ‘Trust Me’ Again? Yes! Watch new trailer for 24 Live Another Day.

This May CTU’s finest agent will return to the grid for a ninth new series which will finding him appearing in none than London as another terrorist threat starts to unfold. 4 years after the last series all those who called him an ally now think he’s a traitor  but when Jack learns of the news of an assassination plot against President Heller (Bill Devane) on foreign soil it’s time for him to lay down the pain and stop the plot happening.

What Jack has been doing or even where he’s been those years we don’t really know  but what happened to him in the last series and all the stress he’s been through we don’t blame him slipping away. As you’ll see in the video  Jack has a friendly though now angsty face he can rely on when a emo looking Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) who looks like she’s been meditating to her My Chemical Romance albums.

When you look back when all the talk of 24 film you can see the logical choice was to make another series unless the film was to set up a future series a bit like what they did when Robert Carlyle did in 24 Redemption. But why has Jack now decided to slip back onto the grid? Does this new threat have the threat of world war 3 looming over it?

All will be revealed in May (5th May USA) when 24 Live Another Day arrives on Sky One. Remember be careful around those telephone boxes those famous sights or trips on the underground when Jack Bauer is in town, trust me !