It’s All Up In The Air In New Mad Men Season 7 Promo


All good things must come to an end and in April the seventh and final season of Mad Men will air on both sides of the Atlantic and we have a groovy look at the season’s new trailer.

It’s all up in the air as the cast say goodbye to an decade and welcome 1960’s with many regulars going through big drastic changes. The promo may be set around an airport but its about seeing out the old bringing in the new setting up the stories and a reminder the final 14 episode  season will be packed with drama of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s what Mad Men creator Matt Weiner had to say about the final season’s promotion….

I don’t want to disappoint any attempts to read into any meaning for the show, but we pick a milieu for the publicity photography every year where we can lean on the good looks of the cast and place them in an environment that puts people in the mood for the show.”

Mad Men Season 7 will be split into 2 runs of 7 episodes with final episodes been aired 2015 and it’s this half that is entitled ‘End Of An Era’, so what big things can we expect? Mad Men final season starts on Sky Atlantic from 16th April, 3 days after it’s aired on AMC in the U.S.


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