3 New Images From Sin City: A Dame To Die For

9 Years On This summer we finally get that long awaited return to Frank Miller’s Sin City world when Robert Rodriguez‘s Sin City: A Dame To Die For will be released this August and this afternoon we have a look at 3 new images.

Sin City for years has been one of those films many didn’t expect a sequel to materialize despite the wealth of back catalogue of graphic novels Miller has created. Since it’s announcement a while back it seems to been delay after delay, even talk of the film arriving last summer which as we know never happened for various reasons. But now the promotional material are arriving laying a rest of doubt on those skeptics think Sin City 2 will never happening and today we have  noirish style images to prove Sin City: A Dame To Die For is coming.

2 of the 3 images below will be very familiar to fans of the first film as it’s of Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) the popular exotic dancer saved by Bruce Willis character Hartigan, it does look like she’ll still be dancing. The second image is Marv (Mickey Rourke) who’ll star in the film’ titular story Just Another Saturday Night which will see him in a spot of bother with another with a femme fatale this time Eva Green‘s Ava Lord. The final image is of one of the newbie’s to the series Johnny a cocky gambler played by Joseph Gordon Levitt whose character is not in the graphic novels but made for the film, his story he find’s himself in a game he wins but against the wrong opponent.

Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Jiame Chung and Jeremy Piven, are amongst the new faces with Dennis Haysbert taking over the role as manute originally played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan. Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson reprising their old roles with Sin City: A Dame To Die For arriving in UK cinemas on 29th August.

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