Vue Cinemas To Go Gourmet With New Popcorn Range


There was a palpable flurry of excitement round our office last week as a package arrived.  No ordinary package – this one was filled with sugary goodness, or more precisely, the new range of Thomas Tucker flavoured popcorn being rolled out in Vue Cinemas across the country. 

Our testers ranged from the old fashioned stalwart cinema-goers who believe the last word in cinema confectionery is tub of sweet popcorn and a diet coke.  Maybe a bag of sweets if it’s a special occasional.  To them, nachos are possible the worst thing to happen to the multiplex in decades.  On the other hand we also had a few people who wouldn’t even consider watching a movie with anything less than hotdogs, ice cream, nachos, pic ‘n’ mix and a bag of chocolate. 

So what did they make of the new additions?

Fruits of the Forest

Smelling a bit like a strawberry milkshake, these were fruity and creamy.  Once we got used to the fact that popcorn could be fruity these were a big hit.  The fact that they are available in smaller bags rather than cinema size tubs is a good thing as you couldn’t eat this in large quantities. 

Coconut Toffee

The surprise of the bunch – at first smelling a bit like coconut moisturiser a few people were reluctant to try it.   They needn’t have worried as it was the overwhelming favourite, even for those who said they didn’t like coconut.  The bag was empty very quickly. 

Sweet & Salt

Slightly blander compared to the other two but still a nice mixture of tastes between the two regularly available flavours. 

With even more flavours being added to the range, Vue are probably on to a winner here.   Popcorn offerings have changed very little of the years as all sorts of yummy goodness has sprung up around them.   Maybe it’s time they made a comeback. 

Vikki Myerscough