Truce Agreed As Snowpiercer To Be Released In UK Uncut


Hallelujah! The fiasco now finally looks over as Korean film maker Boon Joon-Ho and Harvey Weinstein  have finally called a truce on the Snowpiercer debacle that’s went on for months and now the film is to be released in UK uncut!

After months of public anger from fans of the film, cast, most of all the director, a fiasco that made Harvey Weinstein look public enemy one, has come to a truce. When truce is used in heated exchanges to settle an argument, no true winners, if anything U.S.A will get Snowpiercer fully uncut too but American cinephiles may have to search high and low for a cinema screening the film as it will only be getting a limited release as planned. Here in UK a release date has not been confirmed yet or if the film will only get an limited release too, though it seems  everything maybe decided  when they see how American cinephiles react to the film first.

Deadline  broke the news about the film but what started this fiasco off? The Weinstein Company bought the rights for the film to be shown to U.S, UK, South African, Australian and New Zealand rights. When it came to director Joon-ho submitting his film to the distributor with a running time of 2 hours 30 minutes it then  things went down hill. What angered everyone was Harvey Weinstein’s proposal to cut the film by 20 minutes plus voiceovers angered supporters of the film, thankfully now all looks to be sorted.

Snowpiercer  is based on  French Graphic novel by Jacob Lob &Jean-Marc Rochette called Le Transperceneige Snowpiercer is set in a post apocalyptic Earth where 99% of the population is wiped out thanks to an failed experiment to prevent global warming plunging the planet into a ice age. The 1% who survived are forced onto an ever moving train called the Snowpiercer which finds the train split by class, the wealthy living in luxury whilst the rest in squallier cramped conditions which leads to a revolt led by Curtis (Chris Evans).

After good reviews from the France, South Korea itself things are starting to look good for Snowpiercer, we do hope the film gets the release it deserves in UK. Limited release in UK usually means just London which we think we would be wrong as it should all of UK or none of UK as it has a cast that can pull people into the box office nationwide. If the film goes limited expect your best chance then will be via film festival  circuit.

Snowpiercer stars Chris Evans, John Hurt,Tilda SwintonJamie BellAlison PillEd HarrisEwen BremnerOctavia SpencerKang-ho Song, and Ko Asung