Starred Up, a drama that is going to shock the public with its authenticity and great play


 This March, a new movie called Starred Up  is going to hit the cinemas. Made in the UK, this movie is going to impress with an amazing story plot, telling the story of Eric, a troubled 19 year old guy. It seems like he will spend all of his life behind the bars, as in the beginning of the movie he is transferred from a youth detention institution to an adult prison. There he is about to meet his dad, Neville, who has been in prison for 14 years. Their father-son relationship is going to evolve in a very wrong atmosphere, as the prison is one of the worst places there could ever be in this world. This is definitely something that does not happen often in life, in prisons and in families.

 The strong language and the incredible authenticity make this movie really entertaining. There are all the typical prison subjects, like corrupt guardians, sexual abuse and strange, troubled people. Even having it all, Starred Up somehow makes room for the good. As there is also that good guy who believes that he can teach anger management to really angry on the inside and on the outside people like Eric. The good guy is Oliver, a therapist who constantly tries to shape the world into a more pleasant form. Even if every detail of the film is offered in a very violent way, the public will still feel the real life basically in every dialogue, action and picture.

 Starred Up  has an amazing cast, starring Jack O’Connell, Rupert Friend, Ben Mendelsohn, Sian Breckin and many other talented actors. The characters played by them are all complex and full of issues that are so common in real life. The movie is written by Jonathan Asser and directed by David Mackenzie. There is a lot to see and experience as the strong language and the classic prison troubles, are making it all look shocking, but that’s what a good drama is all about. It has to make us feel something inside of us and Starred Up definitely does it.

 Brought to us by 20th Century Fox, the new movie  Starred Up  is going to impress by its authenticity, great play and captivating story plot.

Kira Browdy