Be Seduced By Mystery In Full UK Trailer For Under The Skin


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in the first full UK trailer for Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin If Scarlett Johansson gets you under the spell, it will be deadly.

Under The Skin sees Johansson as a voluptuous seductive alien who is sent to Earth who preys on men luring them into her lair. Over time she starts to questioning what shes doing when she develops an emotional connection with humans.

Been a single male is the least of my worries, but been Scottish and the film’s victims been male Scots I’m worried! Haha only joking! Thankfully the trailer doesn’t reveal too much enough to entice you into watching more of this provocative film that’s an nightmarish road movie, that’s creepy, sexy and beautifully constructed. This trailer does boasts comments comparing Under The Skin visually inspired by  Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch maybe, The Man Who Fell To Earth certainly.

Accompanying the new trailer is another Teaser trailer that sneaked online without notice with an new poster that supports the beauty of the film. Under The Skin is set for 14th March UK release (11th April USA) before then the film will close Glasgow Film Festival on 2nd March.

UK Trailer


Under the Skin UK Poster