Bigger, Bolder, Burgundier, New Anchorman 2 Returning Recut More Jokes


“By the hymen of Olivia Newton-John!”  Roy Burgundy is back,back and back again when next Friday Anchorman 2: The Legend continues in the shape of a new uncut version set to be released next Friday. For one week only in UK (& US) cinemas Channel 4’s super newsteam  will return more more jokes but most off all you can give a hobo a spoon again !

Boasting a total of 763 jokes, a host of new alternate takes, enough dirty jokes to give your great aunt Matilda a heart attack or a cinema usher a nightmare task of cleaning up your drool especially if your a hardcore Anchorman fan. According to director Adam McKay they created enough jokes, puns  to make an entire  alternate version of the film! Yes kids Dobby will swim again!

With the home release nearing it obvious Paramount want to remind us how much we adore  the Channel 4 news team, this new version will be on DVD and Blu-ray release they want us laugh out loud at all of Ron’s infamous puns.

Check out this new Anchorman 2

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